Genri M. Reznik

Senior partner at “Reznik, Gagarin & Partners” law firm.

Genri Reznik is the President of the Moscow Bar. He is a member of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation, Vice-president of the International and Russian Unions of Advocates. Genri Reznik is a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group and a member of the Council on Improvement of Justice at the President of the Russian Federation.

Genri Reznik was admitted to the Moscow Bar in 1985, and in 1997 he became the Chairman of its Presidium. Prior to joining the legal profession he worked as an investigator and scientific associate.

Areas of expertise: criminal law and criminal procedure, defamation and reputation, intellectual property, entrepreneurship.

Genri Reznik is an Honoured Lawyer of Russian Federation and holds a degree of PhD in Law. He was awarded the Feudor N. Plevako golden medal (1997) for contribution to the development of the Russian Federation legal environment, as well as the medal of “Public Recognition” (2000) for his active work in law enforcement and development of independent advocacy.

He is an author of nearly 200 scientific works on various legal issues, and a professor at the Department on Advocacy and Notary Services at the Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy.

Genri Reznik is a co-founder of the “Reznik, Gagarin & Partners” law firm.