Sergey A. Kosorukov

Sergey specializes in civil law, including corporate law, capital market, insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings, resolution of complex problems of interaction between private and public (criminal, administrative, etc.) law, representation in arbitration courts.

Attorney, holds a degree of PhD in Law.


Sergey has over ten years of practical experience.


The most significant projects of Sergey:

-          representing the interests of large Russian and foreign companies in corporate disputes (in the fields of power industry, transportation, metallurgy, coal industry and other) that were successfully settled in favor of Sergey’s clients including satisfaction of their claims by the courts. A legal position elaborated by Sergey in one case within mentioned corporate disputes was adopted in a precedent-setting Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Arbitrazh Court of Russian Federation;

-          legal support of a significant number of large transactions for the sale of shares, real estate and other property in the territory of the Russian Federation, including advising on the Russian law relating to M&A transactions, subordinated to foreign law;

- representing the interests of large Russian companies during their inspections and other control actions by Russian public authorities (Emergency Control Ministry, Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social Development, Federal Tariff Service, Federal Tax Service and others) that that were successfully settled in favor of Sergey’s clients in court or out-of-court proceedings.